What Is Your Fashion Quotient?

Women and Fashion are closely associated. Looking chic and charm gives happiness, pride, and confidence. But there are times when we feel plain and boring. The best possible way to get out of the gloomy mood is self-grooming. Fine tuning one’s style quotient makes a larger impact. For instance, changing the dresses, buying a new handbag and even changing the shoes can lift up the day. Being a handbag freak, I often buy trendy handbags. It can take an outfit from boring to brilliant. This is the real thing. A luxury designer bag can completely change the outlook of a person from being normal to royal!

Handbags are of many types:

  • Shoulder bag
  • Clutch
  • Cross-body purse
  • Tote bag
  • Satchel bag

And so on. Choosing a bag largely depend on the dresses we wear. My all-time favorite is cross-body purse or a sling bag. It is very simple and neat and gives a simple girl look. I carry a golden designer clutch, that suits all my outfits to weddings and parties. When I travel, my choice is big shoulder bags. It should hold my iPod, mobile, power bank and my wallet. I am very conscious about the quality of the handbags I own. I prefer branded bags even though they are expensive.

Next thing I am very careful about is the shoes I wear. As I wear jeans most of the times, I like to wear colorful pair sneakers or canvas. Additionally, I have a rain booty and snowshoes that complements my jacket well.

Then, sunglasses! I never step out of my home without sunglasses. They not only protect our eyes but also gives a stylish look. I have my own Fashion boundaries and love to see myself pretty and getting complimented for the same make my day!


Indoor Activities Can Also Be Fun


We all know that outdoor physical activities are really essential for everyone and especially for the growing kids. But there are times when you cannot take the kids outside or the situation is out of your control then the kids have to be occupied using some indoor activities. There are so many diverse activities that can keep the children busy and entertained so that they do not feel bored or get into any depressing situation.

  1. Board games are an amazing option if your child can differentiate between colors and read some numbers. You can keep them occupied with some simple games that they can understand easily.
  2. Jigsaw puzzles are amazing and children of all ages can solve these. You can find an age and skill appropriate puzzle and that will keep the children occupied for a long time, depending on the number of pieces and size.
  3. You can search online and go here to find out more about fun indoor kids activities, where you may see something new that can keep the kids occupied during the holidays.
  4. Bingo is a game that the entire family can play and enjoy without too much effort.
  5. Another good idea in the absence of outdoor times is to plan a picnic in the play area. It does not have to be an elaborate basket. Just a few sandwiches or winter snacks followed hot chocolate will make everyone feel happy with the warmth and coziness of the home.
  6. The toys they already have can be arranged in their dollhouse or a small separate area where they can create their own world with friends and play some imaginary games.


It is not really important that you need to keep them occupied every single moment of the holidays. Kids should be allowed to spend some time doing nothing or they can think of doing something on their own. They can also be encouraged to read and paint or make something creative using the art material available at home. Holidays spent indoors can be really a great time for the parents and kids to come closer.…